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Vulcan Hart – What’s new with our Gas Range

Vulcan was on a mission to reset the standard by which all ranges are measured with the introduction of our V Series Heavy Duty Range line. We’d had great success for many years with our GH Heavy Duty Range line, but times were changing, and we needed to change along with them. Our objective? An enhanced visual aesthetic as the wall of the kitchen come down, greater versatility from design down to installation, and a high level of performance that the industry has come to expect from Vulcan Hart.

So what really makes us different? We have an unparalleled front of the house aesthetic. This is not your father’s Vulcan range. An angular design, with high-polish knobs and handles, as well as a matt finish manifold cover add to the visual appeal. The line is based on a 36" footprint, 36", 24", 18", and 12" pieces, which give us modularity left to right, but the real story is that we are also modular top to bottom. What does this mean? Our top sections are manufactured independently from our bases, therefore, any number of configurations are possible. Not only does this give flexibility in the design process, but it allows for flexibility by the owner 2 years or 20 years from now. If a owner decides that he needs 18" of charbroiler on an existing 2-burner/18" griddle top range instead of 2-burners, he can purchase the 18" charbroiler alone, remove the 2-burners, and install the charbroiler in its’ place – talk about versatile and all with one gas connection!

Vulcan’s engineer’s have enhanced our open-burner technology by making our open burners 50% larger than those of our GH ranges. They are fully ported, giving unsurpassed boil times, excellent sauté, and true simmer capabilities. We’ve kept our 50BTU oven burner, and continue to offer our 650 Degree Chef’s finishing oven. V series ranges are available on cabinet bases, standard ovens, convection ovens, chef’s finishing ovens, refrigerated bases, and as modular line-ups on 4" legs. Since our customers are paramount in our success, we asked them what they would like to see as standard features in our ranges, and we added their suggestions; stainless steel burner boxes, condiment type front top ledges with telescoping front rails for use with 1/9th size pans, stainless steel exterior oven bottoms, and rear gas connections.

As add-ons to our V Series Range line, we offer charbroilers with Vulcan’s patented super-charger technology, range match fryers with solid state, behind the door dial controls and our KleenScreen filtration system, an upright infrared broiler that can be mounted on any of our bases, and a Plancha.

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