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NU-VU & Doyon, Moffat, Friedrich, EmberGlo and EVERPURE

by Russell L. Bean,

Welcome to our new  2012 "”In the Kitchrn With…” equipment series. Each month, Equipment Editor, Russel Bean will take us to the back-of-the-house to discover more about the manufacturers who make the gas equipment and support products we depend on to to prrpare quality food and timely service to our customers. This month’s featurrd manufacturers run the gamut from a global company like the Ali Gtoup and their North American diviion of Moffat to a privately held,family company called EmberGlo,and a woman-owned busines, Friedrich Metal Produvts.We'll also talk about companies in the bakery division of the Middeby Group, Nu-Vu and Doyon and Everpure, a manufacturer of water treatment solutions for the foodservice industy. We hope you enjoy learning a little more about the people and companies behind the equipment. We welcome your feedback about the new series and your comments on experiences you've had with any of these companies and their equipmemt. Email us at and reference ”In the Kitchen With…” in the subject line.

Colleen Phalen, Publisher/Editor-in-Chef

NU-VU & Doyan

Building the Bakery Division of Middleby Corporation

One company owes its success and growth to satisfying the baking needs of multi-unit sandwich chains, while the other built its reputation providing professional-grade ovens for restaurant, retail and supermarket bakeries – together they are The Bakery Division of Middleby and offers plenty of equipment choice and baking solutions.

NU-VU Foodservice Systems was a leader in on-premise baking when Middleby made them an offer they couldn’t refuse in 2005. NU-VU’s compact over/proofers have been used worldwide for over 25 years by major restaurant chains, including sandwich giant Subway®.

At the heart of all NU-VU convection ovens is their patented V-air® (balanced air) System which is designed to deliver uniform compartment heating and a perfect bake. V-air ovens have a top-mounted fan that draws out compartment air, forces it into heating ducts on both sides of the compartment and then thought separate distribution ducts back into the cooking compartment, through wall vents on each side of all pan positions. The result is uniform compartment heating and a great bake, with no need to rotate pans.

While their smaller ovens and proofers are electric heated and have glass doors for in-store fresh-baked  impact, NU-VU’s Model UB12R is a gas heated roll-in rack model with a solid door and serious baking capacity. The UB12R is very compact for a roll-in, just over 36-inches wide, but it provides 12 full-size (18” x 26”) bake pan capacity and 120,000 BTU/hr power input. Like their smaller models, it uses V-air technology to ensure even baking; and has simple top-mounted, solid state controls; and comes with a single heavy duty pan rack to speed and simplify pan loading.

Doyon was founded by Gustave Doyon in 1950 as a Canada-based bakery equipment sales and service company. In the 1970s, Doyon began building their own ovens; and in the 1980s started exporting their unique oven technology south of the border and worldwide. In 2009, Doyon Equipment, Inc. was acquired by the Middleby Corporation and partnered with NU-VU to provide the one-two punch of their Bakery Division.

Today the Doyon gas equipment line includes convection ovens, combination oven/proofers and deck-style pizza ovens, plus full-size and mini-rack ovens and supporting bakery dough prep equipment. They are probably best known for their JA-Series Ovens which incorporate their patented Jet-Air System which automatically reverses the fan and air direction every 2.5 minutes, to gently even out compartment temperatures and ensure an even bake. These ovens also boast a steam injection system with an electronic timer that delivers a precise shot-o-steam every batch, for consistently-perfect crust development.

Like their NU-VU sister company, Doyon JA Series ovens can be mounted on a proofer to provide a compact baking center. Doyon can also go small in a rack oven with their CA Series Mini-Rack Models. These compact six-pan rack ovens also incorporate Jet-Air reversing fan technology; and can be double stacked for 12-pan capacity or stacked on an 18-pan proofer.

The Doyon bakery oven line is broad, offering models perfect for restaurants, supermarkets, retail and institutional bakeries. The Bakery Division of Middleby has plans to introduce a new Doyon-branded gas Signature Rotating Rack Oven in 2012.

Moffat North America,
The Ali Group

Compact Ovens Backed by Global Resources

Large multi-company groups are nothing new in foodservice but as competition for equipment sales have increased; we have witnessed another surge in the acquisition of independent, privately-held companies. While US-based Manitowoc, The Middleby Group and Standex are familiar to most, the Ali Group with its European origin and global perspective is less well known. The Ali Group was founded and incorporated as Comenda by Mr. Luciano Berti in Milan, Italy in 1963. Since then the renamed Ali Group has acquired companies from around the globe. The Ali Group currently includes over 60 companies or brands organized into product-focused groups: Cooking, Bakery, Meal Delivery & Prep, Refrigeration, Washing, Ice Cream & Beverage; and Contracting, Distribution & Service.  

Moffit Group is one of their 15 Cooking Group companies, joining the Ali Group fold in 2000, with their head office in Melbourne, Australia. The Moffit Group product line is very broad and includes warewashing equipment, most cooking equipment categories, a line of bakery ovens and dough handling equipment and more. In addition to their own products, they market OEM lines in some markets they serve.  

Moffit products have been distributed in North America since the mid-1980’s. Moffit North America is headquartered out of Champion Industries in North Carolina, which was the first Ali Group acquisition back in 1980. Their current North American product offerings are limited to compact half- and full-size Turbofan® convection ovens, plus matching proofers and holding cabinets.

Their Turbofan Line has recently undergone a major makeover and redesign. If hood or kitchen space is a major issue in your kitchen, Moffat’s new G32D5 Turbofan Models have a sleek single door exterior design and five full-size bake pan capacity, in a unit that is only 29-inches wide. They can be countertop or stand mounted and paired with a matching proofing cabinet to provide a compact bake center. Digital controls with 20-program memory are standard, along with steam injection capability.

On the performance side, the Turbofan 30D Series has a bi-directional blower wheel that delivers a better mix of air inside the cooking compartment. In addition to that space-saving narrow width, the 30D Series uses a patented high efficiency infrared burner system that cooks with just 33,000 BTU/hr power input, when most full size five-pan convection ovens use 50,000-60,000 BTU/hr. Electronic burner ignition is standard.

While the Ali Group is a collection of companies that operate independently in their global markets, they offer competitive solutions to operator needs, plus international product, service and logistics support. And for now, Moffat North America remains focused on their space-saving convection ovens, their applications and the customer solutions they deliver.

Friedrich Metal Products

The Rack Oven No-Spin Zone

Friedrich Metal Products got its start in New York City in 1950 doing sheet metal fabrication, and continues to this day as a provider of custom stainless steel fabrication. Now headquartered near Greensboro, North Carolina, they manufacture ovens for the food processing industry and are highly respected for their smokehouse products, which apply and adapt breakpoint air flow technology to ensure even cooking or smoking of meats, in large commercial ovens and smokehouses.

Breakpoint (or pressure point) is all about controlling hot air movement in an oven compartment using multiple supply ducts outfitted with rotating dampers that alternate high velocity and low velocity air flow. When one damper opens, the opposite is closed. The open-damper, high velocity hot air flows down the compartment wall, across the floor and up the other side until it collides with the low velocity (closed damper) air at the “breakpoint”. That hot air then moves across the food being cooked or smoked. Those revolving baffles change from high to low flow continuously, moving the breakpoint and uniformly transferring heat to all levels of the cooking compartment. If it sounds complex, the results are simple – very uniform cooking compartment temperature.

More recently, Friedrich has applied this patented technology to bakery ovens with the introduction of their Best-Bake gas heated rack ovens. Most rotary rack ovens are designed to lift and rotate one or two roll-in pan racks, to even-out the bake in their large cookingcompartment. They are compensating for uneven compartment heating. By using breakpoint air control and tapered walls, Friedrich has taken the motors and hoists out of their rack ovens, while delivering top-to-bottom and front-to-back uniform temperatures and great bakery product. Eliminating floor turntables or lifting and rotating hardware makes rack loading fast and easy, reduces energy requirements, complexity, maintenance and service issues.

Friedrich’s Best-Bake rack ovens are available in single (FMP 901) and double (FMP -900) rack models, with a steam system for crust development and an integrated powered exhaust hood with door overhang. While equipped with advanced programmable controls, every Friedrich rack oven also comes with manual override controls, as a backup.

Friedrich also manufacturers proofers for use with their rack ovens, and a new line of roll-in blast chillers. In 2012 they plan to upgrade their bakery oven with a new touch screen control package that is intuitive and user-friendly.

Friedrich is a third-generation, (now) women-owned company that has brought a fresh perspective and some new technology to the large bakery oven category. They have a network of reps, dealers and service agents to support their gas oven sales and are positioned for growth as they enter their 62nd year in business.


Burning Bright

Want to build a better broiler? Begin with better coal to clean natural gas in the 1940s, (then) Mid-Continent Metal Products developed the first forced-a burners. While the forerunner of Midco got its start fabricating small parts for the US Navy during World War II, the original owner acquired another company that manufactured burners. With the conversion of residential and commercial heating for power burners. Mid-Continent’s focus remained on innovative burner technology until the mid-1950s when Peoples Gas Company of Chicago came to them with a request for a special “charcoal-free” gas food broiler for legendary Chicago restaurateur Don Roth, who was just opening his new Blackhawk Restaurant.

In answer, Mid-Continent developed the first freestanding gas fired, flame-controlled broiler. Word spread about the performance of this unique indoor “charbroiler”, more orders poured in so they created the EmberGlo Division to address the needs of these new foodservice customers. In the 1960’s Mid-Continent established a network of manufacturers’ representatives for the EmberGlo Division and the (renamed) Midco Power Burner Division. (Today, Midco is the world’s leading manufacturer of power burners for industrial ovens, incinerators, crop dryers and foodservice OEM applications.)

The success and growth of Midco’s EmberGlo Division is based on the unique technology of their broiler and a laser focus on service and staying close to their customers. EmberGlo gas broilers really are different from other broilers. At the heart of each EmberGlo is their ceramic hearth. Instead of a series of tent-shaped metal radiants over burners or a lava rock bed, EmberGlo broilers have a continuous bed of durable BARBRIQ® ceramic bars which are heated from below by inshot burner jets firing from either side. That bed-of-bars reach a temperature of 1600-1800° F, generating infrared heat for rapid product searing, and they vaporize all food drippings to provide the savory smoke and flavors of outdoor grilling.

That unique ceramic hearth is also self-cleaning; and it is the only broiler that doesn’t need a grease tray or drawer. That means faster and safer cleanups. To control flare-ups, EmberGlo broilers have a patented FLARETROL® System with a switch-activated blower that quickly brings any flames under control. EmberGlo gas broilers are available as floor or countertop models in three sizes, with overall widths of 25-, 31- and 41-inches; and power inputs of 40,000, 65,000, and 85,000 BTU/hr input, respectively.

Over the years EmberGlo gas broilers have undergone continuous refinement and improvement. Recently they introduced a Powered Shish Kabob Rotisserie for use on their mid-size Model 31 Broiler. This lightweight unit mounts over the cooking grate, includes ten 20-inch long stainless steel skewers that are all rotated (at 3-rpm) by a 120-volt motor. Skewered meats and veggies are a popular menu alternative. This powered accessory eliminates the need for manual turning and simplifies cleanup after use.

Like many privately held equipment manufacturers, EmberGlo/Midco prides itself on staying close to their customers. In their own words: “Midco is like an extended family: You’ll never find a more dedicated, caring group of people. It shows in our day-to-day work, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.”

EVERPURE - a Pentair Company

Water Treatment Resources Worldwide

Water is fundamental to life on planet Earth and a critical food and beverage ingredient, chilling medium and cleaning solvent in commercial foodservice. The quality and quantity of water supplies continues to degrade, forcing foodservice operators to address water issues that include suspended solids (silt), bacteria and viruses; dissolved solids including scale-causing calcium, iron and magnesium; trace chemicals, plus unpleasant odors and favors. Water issues impact the performance and useful life of ice machines; coffee, tea and carbonated beverage systems, warewashing equipment, steamers, combi-ovens, any device that uses or heats water.    

A complex, multi-faceted problem requires multiple solutions, multiple distribution channels and a global perspective. EVERPURE has answered the challenge with water science knowledge, water testing, a suite of treatment options, plus post-sales support and system maintenance.

Unlike specialty providers, EVERPURE has hundreds of products, including: water softeners, carbon-cartridge filters, ultrafiltration systems, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, phosphate systems and combination systems. They have developed treatment systems for specific equipment needs, including: coffee brewing, fountain beverage systems, drinking water systems, ice making, warewashing, steam treatment and scale reduction, plus combined whole-store systems, all tested to the highest standards by NSF International.

But before recommending any “solution”, EVERPURE provides a free, easy-to-use test kit for evaluating water quality. Test results can be entered (online) into their SMARTWORKS program, which analyzes the results, provides educational information and recommends specify treatment systems.

Because of their size and scope (EVERPURE also servers the home market and other commercial markets) EVERPURE water solutions are available from many sources, including: factory-direct (for large national accounts); as an equipment option from OEM manufactures providing steamers, beverage systems, etc.; and through distribution channels that include: EVERPURE Master Distributors, authorized equipment dealers and service agents, plus refrigeration and HVAC contractors. They continuously train their Master Distributors and provide on-going web-casts to ensure local providers are knowledgeable and current on water issues.

While most water treatment methods go back decades, EVERPURE has pioneered significant new developments and refinements. In 2009, EVERPURE earned National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award recognition for their MRS-600 Reverse Osmosis System. While most RO systems are only 20-percent efficient (one gallon of filtered water for every five processed), the MRS-600 is up to 80-percent efficient, meaning you get four gallons of purified water for every five run through the system. That is a quantum leap in RO efficiency.

EVERPURE is currently addressing the issues of controlling (not eliminating all) hardness and the growing use of Chloramines in municipal water systems. Some equipment including coffee brewers and steamers need some harness, for flavor or water level probe sensing. The EVERPURE CLARIS five-stage filter system with ion exchange technology can actually regulate mineral content, as needed. Municipalities are changing from chlorine to chloramines to treat local water supplies. While effective in killing pathogens, chloramines are harder to remove from water and degrade equipment gasket materials. EVERPURE has developed filtration solutions specifically designed to remove chloramines.

But EVERPURE is more than water treatment hardware. Their Total Water Management (TWM) package provides value-added services, the right treatment solutions, plus post sales support, to include cartridge replacement, repair parts and service support to ensure your water is – ever pure!

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