ACS Straight Steam Awarded 2012 GFEN Product of the Year

The results are in. The Straight Steam SG-6 by American Cook Systems has been named the 2012 GFEN Product of the Year. Members of the Gas Foodservice Equipment Network will present the prestigious “Blue Flame Award” to the ACS product development team on opening day of the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

“The Blue Flame award is a means for GFEN to recognize outstanding gas equipment that raises the bar to a new level in energy efficiency or functionality for the foodservice industry,” said Steve Reyna, Supervisor of Service Planning/New Business Projects for Southwest Gas in Arizona and co-chair of GFEN along with Ana Hargrove of Centerpoint Energy. “American Cook Systems’ Straight Steam meets that criteria.”

The SG-6 is a 6-pan boilerless gas steam cooker. It boasts the highest production rate of any boilerless steamer available today. It features all stainless steel construction, a fast and efficient modulating burner, standard water and drain connections, and sturdy reliable analog controls.

“We are proud to receive the Product of the Year Award from the Gas Foodservice Equipment Network, everyone at ACS played a part in bringing the SG-6 to market and I think they all did a great job.” said Rick Ley, President of the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based American Cook Systems. “The Straight Steam SG-6 was designed to combine the reliability and low cost of ownership of a boilerless steamer with the production capabilities of a traditional boiler-based steamer. The ACS SG-6 is versatile with many standard configurations available to fit our customers’ individual needs.”

Energy Efficient... and Fast

The ENERGY STAR rated ACS Straight Steam SG-6 has an innovative heat exchanger design. The design is compact enough to be used in a boilerless countertop steamer and allows it to be made entirely out of stainless steel without the need for less durable alloys with a higher heat transfer rate. Its “cooking energy efficiency” exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements by 20%. When it is not in use, the SG-6 can maintain a temperature of 200º F at a rate of only 1,200 BTUs per hour. It can recover from ‘Hold’ to cooking in 30 seconds. This is a 90% savings over units that do not have a hold feature.

Unlike other boilerless steamers that have to wait for the chamber pressure to normalize when closing the door before they can start heating, SG-6 starts heating instantly. This significantly reduces cook times. The instant heating also purges the air from the cooking chamber speeding up cook times and greatly improving even heat distribution.

The Straight Steam SG-6 is the only boilerless gas steamer with a burner that modulates from 12,000 BTUs when there is low demand for steam to 60,000 BTUs when there is high demand for steam. The burner is also controlled with steam sensing inputs and timing functions to compensate for things such as opening the door, a heavy cooking load, or water being added during a cook cycle. The improvements allow the ACS Straight Steam to maximize efficiency without sacrificing speed.

High Production... Low-Water Usage

Not only will the SG-6 save end users in general 40% on their gas bill, it will also save them 90% on their water bill when it replaces a traditional boiler-based steamer. While other boilerless steamers have shown similar savings, ACS is the first to do so while maintaining production rates comparable to that of a traditional boiler-based steamer. The Straight Steam uses less than three gallons of water per hour, compared to up to fifty gallons of water per hour on other steamers with comparable production rates.

It is low maintenance – not requiring water filters or regular deliming. It comes standard with auto fill and plumbed drain connection which improves safety by avoiding handling of hot water to drain the unit at the end of the day. Also standard is a full width drip tray which helps keep the floor of the work area dry reducing the chances of slip and fall injuries. 

It is available as a stand-alone 6-pan unit, 12-pan double unit, or a 6-pan countertop model all available in natural gas or propane. This makes it an ideal replacement steamer. The SG-6 comes standard with a one year parts and labor warranty.

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